Sunday, 22 April 2012

A star is born!

Evening all, I got back from a little retail therapy this afternoon to find my lovely son Dominic had solved my printer problems!!! Yeay now I can print again!
Just want to draw your attention to a plea for help to anyone who knits. I've seen this on a couple of blogs, Vicky's was the latest and it is to make little jumpers and hats for the "fish and chip" babies - babies who are sent home wrapped in newspaper as they are born into such poverty there's nothing else.  Check out the info HERE.
I didn't have any brightly coloured wool but saw some in the Range and bought a ball this afternoon. I have now completed the first side so hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. I haven't knitted for over 20 years but this inspired me to get out my needles.
Welcome to my new followers, much appreciated Jenny!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend:)


Aquarius said...

So pleased to hear your printer problems have been sorted - will go and check out that link.

G Peplow said...

Good news Valerie, you need a printer to be working :0) Thank you for your kind words about my card! I understand your take on the images, funny little things aren't they LOL I'm into sci fi too maybe that's where I get my affection for them!!
Can't help with the knitting I'm afraid, I'm totally useless at it but I'll check it out maybe do something else! I was at RHS Wisley and it was great LOL Have a lovely week my friend, Gay xxx

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I cannot help you BUT I do the same thing here in Canada. Last year i made 350 premie hats for Save the children in canada. They went to africa and india. I do not knit but I do crochet!!!! It was so worthwhile. I get emails from them when they do these kind of projects!!!!!

Vicky Hayes said...

It's such a good thing when the things we love to make help to do some good to someone - it's great that you're helping Val. Good news that your printer's up and running - what a kind son! Vicky x


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