Wednesday 13 March 2013

Charlie's 1st birthday

Hi everyone, hope you're not suffering too much with this awful weather! We went down to Portsmouth on Saturday for Charlie's birthday which fell on Mother's Day:) We arrived to a lovely sunny day of 13 deg and left on Monday during a blizzard and  -2 deg! Charlie had a great day and loved us all singing to him and danced along with us! We stayed to look after him on Monday while Keir and Lara were at work, which gave his other Nana a day off, although Lara only works 2 days. Great fun was had by us all:) Just thought I'd post a couple of photos:

Train cake and teddy bear fairy cakes.

Crocodile cucumber with cheese and pineapple


Christine said...

What a lovely boy Valerie and already one year!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a sweetie!

Aquarius said...

Goodness me, 1 year old already doesn't time fly - he is lovely. Glad you had a good weekend, we missed you from Saturday's extravaganza. Surely the weather has to get warmer SOON!!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is so cute!! He is growing so quickly. Pleased to hear you had a good time.
Florence x

Viv said...

Awww so lovely to see Charlie again, look as if he had a great birthday party too :) Viv xx

Jenny said...

Oh what a cutie he is, I bet he was spoilt rotten :0) Great party food too.
Jenny x


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