Saturday 17 August 2019

One layer.......

Hi there

It's been a long while since I posted but I saw this week's challenge over at and thought I'd join in

Challenge #402 - OLC Stencils

Hey LIMettes!

We're back with our love it or hate it challenge - yes its time for some wonderful one layer cards, and this time we want to see you using some stencils on them.

I've used a lamination stencil and sentiment by Stamps by Me and added a few pen lines and 3 gems.
             Looking forward to seeing all the entries


Michelle W said...

Beautiful OLC and I love the added dimension you have achieved with the pen! Stunning! Thanks for joining us at Less is More.

Kathyk said...

Super make and fabulous layered stamping


Rosemary said...

Lovely card, Viva! So nice to see you posting!

Nonni said...

Beautiful card with lots of lovely white space... That gold sentiment looks stunning and I love the little gems! Thank you for joining us at Less is More!

Viv said...

Such a lovely card here Val,so sorry I am late commenting too ;)hugs Viv xx

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