Friday 14 June 2013


Just found out that I'm the May winner over at Less is More and I'm so excited! The sponsor is Acid Drops and Whatnots and they have such humorous stamps which I was perusing at Ally Pally and couldn't decide what to buy! Now I can't wait to see what I've won:)

We were at our local cinema this evening where they showed The Audience with Helen Mirren, live from the Gielgud theatre in London. What a great idea, cheap tickets, comfy seats, an usher selling ice cream in the interval and no late night tube home:) We were closer than if we had been front row stalls, definitely a great idea.

Enjoy the weekend, we will be in Portsmouth with Charlie:)

A big welcome to Sue who has kindly chosen my blog to follow:)


Unknown said...

Congratulations Val. You'll have to let us know what you've won. Have a great weekend with Charlie - hope the weather picks up - we're cooking a BBQ for 80 people on Saturday!

Karen x

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

Congratulations, Val!!!
Have a nice weekend!

Viv said...

Woo hoo Val many congratulations, bet you can't wait to play with your new goodies now when you get them.I was so honoured to be showcased again too, still so excited about being a granny soon again also......what a week.The cinema idea sounds fabulous too Val! Enjoy the Charlie sitting, we are Charlie sitting next week again , can't wait :)Viv xx

Aquarius said...

Congratulations on your win - I'm sure you will get something brilliant to use and share with us

G Peplow said...

So pleased for you Val, well deserved win too :D Have a wonderful weekend, hugs Gay xx

Rosemary said...

YAY!!! so very happy for you, val... so very well deserved!!

GinaA said...

Congratulations Val, am looking forward to seeing your goodies . Isn't it exciting!

Bev said...

More congratulations Val! Hope you had a great weekend with your little man

Bev x


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