Saturday 9 February 2013

At last!

Hi everyone just thought I'd share a couple of pics of my completed kitchen and the extension which is being painted next week. That is going to be my dining room and with the tri fold doors I'm hoping for some good weather this summer:) The builders have been with us since 1st October, except for a short Xmas break so they are almost family now!

 We spent all day washing and finding new homes for all the kitchen paraphernalia that makes me think I have enough to start a catering college! Fabulous to have a dishwasher again and it's been going non stop since this morning:) And it's so quiet I had to stop and check it was working!

 My toaster and kettle are lime green and not yellow as they appear in the photo:)
At the moment it's pot luck if we open the right drawer or cupboard to find what we need:)

 Looking through to the new dining room, matching
 cupboards that house the freezer, washing machine,
 tumble dryer and boiler.
Doors open right back onto the garden.

See you soon with a LIM entry if I can get the creative juices flowing:) 


Rosemary said...

your new kitchen is gorgeous, val!! looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed dining room!

Anonymous said...

How lovely. Actually it is a work of art. You must be so thrilled. It looks like it is right out of a magazine.

Kylie said...

oo la la!! Very nice, Val! I love those doors that lead to your garden. Great colour scheme you have chosen! xx

Patrice said...

How exciting. Your new kitchen, and beyond looks fabulous. Enjoy it all! x

Suzi B said...

Gorgeous new kitchen Val... with fantastic doors into the garden.... enjoy!
Suzi B xx

Jenny said...

Wow Val, looking so brand spankin' new!! That's cupboard heaven...... I can imagine you opening and closing many doors to find things..hehe :0) the tri-fold doors will be lovely in the summer, bet you can't wait to get it all finished.
Jenny x

Unknown said...

Great that it's nearly finished now Val - bet you can't wait to get back to normal. Looks really good so shall look forward to seeing it "in the flesh"!

Karen x

Viv said...

Oh Val the new kitchen and dining room look amazing ! We need a new one(kitchen) too but hope to move house sooner or later so won't renew it now.We will have to do the patio doors though, yours look so lovely I am green with envy...and at the kitchen.I love the wooden doors look ( ours is Spanish sweet chestnut)and I still like it. Love the handles too, could do with changing ours.Our Charlie is almost walking too , but keeps changing his mind and resorts to crawling again.Quite funny too as he shouts as he walks lol.Take care :) Viv xx

Vicky Hayes said...

Wow - this looks amazing Val! I bet you're delighted with it - and to get an extra family too lol! Vicky x

Christine said...

It looks beautiful and what a lot of space! Enjoy it Valerie!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic - enjoy!

Loll said...

Hi Val. Your new kitchen is gorgeous!! Love the cupboards and counters. And your dining area is fabulous ... it will be like you're eating outside with the garden right there. I'm sure it's been a long haul these past 4+ months ... so happy that you're almost done and can enjoy. Loll xx

Sally H said...

Gorgeous! The colours are very similar to mine - Calm and neutral. I wish you happy cooking in it xxxx


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