Thursday 10 May 2012

The ups and downs of a Bank Holiday!

Evening all and firstly, welcome to my new followers.
 Well one of the downs was predictable, the weather! So much rain and a hose pipe ban! We were down in Somerset for a night, visiting my sister Karen as it had been her birthday, a special one, but I won't divulge which one :o)
I made a card using a printer's tray from Tando and added embellishments to reflect Karen's interests and this is the result:

 From there we went on down to Portsmouth to stay with my son and his wife and my darling grandson Charlie! He is growing fast and now we get great gummy smiles! The weather was lovely yesterday and we had a great afternoon in Wickham with a very nice cream tea!!

Kept missing the smile!

The other down was that our cat, Miney died while we were away and my son Dominic had to deal with that. He was 19 and had a good life but this is the third time that one of our cats has died when we are away and I think Dom is getting a complex :o)
 So, ups and downs,  no crafting and very little commenting for which I apologise. I must try and get  a couple of challenge cards done tomorrow if inspiration strikes.
Thanks for bearing with me :o)


GinaA said...

This is totally awesome, what a work of art.
So sorry to hear about Miney.
Sending hugs

Sasha said...

Your project looks amazing, Val. So many pretty things to see...just gorgeous!

Charlie certainly is growing fast, and he has such a lovely smile...Bless him.

Val, I can remember you telling us about your other cat dying while you were away. How awful for you and your son for that to happen three times. So sorry that you have now lost Miney.

I'll be away now until the end of May...I'll visit when we get back. Take care! xx

Naomi said...

Oh...Valerie so sorry to hear of your cat. He lived a great life..,.,19 years is a long, long time! Seems they always know when to "do it" when the owners are not present or they leave to die on their own. Just how they are! Charlie is the cutest! Big hugs from me and the family! Miss you guys and London!

Aquarius said...

I'm sure Karen absolutely loved this brilliant gift - so much interesting detail and lovely colours and a great idea. So sorry to hear about your cat always sad to lose a much loved pet. Hopefully the weather will start to pick up soon although not looking like it at the moment.

Stamps and Paper said...

What a lovely gift to give to Karen and I am sure she will treasure it and it certainly covers her many interests.
So sorry to hear about your cat but on a happier a note he had a great life and I am sure he was spoilt rotten..


Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

Great project, Val! So many details to look at!
And your grandson is such a cute, adorable little baby - I enjoy watching him grow by looking at your photos :-) (sounds weird - is that similar to English?)
Have a nice day!
PS: I´m so sorry for all the "downs" you mentioned...

Jenny said...

Your sisters card is just precious Valerie...I love it sooo much, loads to look at. I bet she was over the moon with it :0)
So sorry to hear about Miney, 19 is such a good age for a cat and I bet he had a very comfy life :0)
Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie
This is incredibly beautiful.
I have sat for an age soaking in all the detail.

Meggymay said...

Awesome, there are so many details to look at, i imagine this will be treasured for many many years.
Yvonne x

Viv said...

Such a fabulous card Val I bet your sister loved it, so much detail. Just love the new pic of Charlie too, don't they change so quickly.So sorry to hear about your cat Miney, we had ours until he was 14 but you never forget them just gets easier. Sending big hugs to you for a change :) Viv xx ((((()))))

Unknown said...

My gift was even lovelier "in the flesh" and I'm so glad you didn't divulge the "special" number........although all the girls in my club seemed to enjoy doing that!!! You're sounding more and more like Dixon of Dock Green with the "evening all" phrase! lol. Hopefully Dom will now be able to sleep in peace - he must be getting traumatised with this happening when he's home alone.......

Vicky Hayes said...

Wow what an absolutely beautiful gift for your sister Val, so special and personal. Lovely to see little Charlie too even if you didn't capture the smile on camera - there's nothing more uplifting than a baby's smile! And I'm so sorry to hear about Miney but my goodness, 19 years is a very ripe old age for a cat! Poor Dom - I think he might need counselling! Vicky x

Di said...

Wow, what a fabulous work of art. I would love to feature this on the Tando Creative blog with your permission. Please email me at if this is ok.

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat Miney, as an animal lover myself I know how sad it is when you lose them. xx

Karen said...

I think I must have been living in cloud cuckoo land as I completely forgot to go back and check the comments on my tutorial...such a numpty!!!! You have done an amazing job on this one, far better than my efforts my lovely! Thank you so much for having a go, xxx


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