Sunday 15 April 2012

A very crafty day!!

Evening all just thought I'd do a quick post to show you all the goodies I came back with from Ally Pally today. It's always a very good fair but it was made extra special today because 6 of us met up for the first time although we chat all the time on Blogger! We are all LIMETTES and we had Lady Chrissie with us!

The little black box adorned with a butterfly was an unexpected gift from Gay. She had made each one of us a little box with Post It's inside, how thoughtful was that!

L to R it's me, Gay( ), Vicky(Stampin' Up ideas and supplies from Vicky at Crafting Clare's Paper Moments), Chrissie( and Jenny(      Sylvie(Gibmiss) had escaped!!
All in all a fabulous day:)


Sasha said...

Awe, what a great photo, Val. You all look fabulous!! And how lovely that you all met up. I'm so pleased that you had a good time and came back with so many wonderful lucky girl xx

Canonbury creations said...

Shame you weren't there Sasha:)

Stamps and Paper said...

I would love to go to Ally Pally and how lovely to meet up with the all look like you are having a fabulous time


Aquarius said...

Interesting looking stash you came home with and how great to meet up with blogging friends.

Victoria said...

What a lovely photo of such crafting celebrities!! The goodies look fab - I'm curious to know what's in the bag of assorted rubber at the front!

Chrissie said...

It was GREAT to meet you Valerie, plus it was such fun!
It looks as though you really did get some fab things.
I love my mixed bag of rubber!!!
Here's to the next time!
Chrissie x

Tara Cardwell said...

I'm really jealous now - I so wanted to get there but its just such a long drive from the north :-( Looks like you all had fun. Maybe next time!

Canonbury creations said...

3 large background stamps, 24 various images and 10 sentiments, great value and the excitement of wondering what you had!

Unknown said...

Great that you all managed to meet up - and how lovely of Gay to bring you all gifts. Looks like you got a bargain bag of stamps there!

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

I´m happy, that you all had a fabulous day! All crafty days are great, aren´t they?!

Vicky Hayes said...

Such a lovely day and a real treat to meet up with you and the others Val! Have fun with your new stash! Vicky x

Loli said...

Hola Valerie, oh dear i think for the next year I would love to go to London for to meet with the limmettes in a craft day:D
Well, now...stash cards, of course!
I appreciate specially Vicky and Jenny, they post very beautiful comments in my blog, and you, of course:D:D:D.
A warm hug from Palma
Maybe a crafty weekend in Palma????:D:D:D

Christine said...

Enjoy your new things Valerie! Great picture of you with the other lady's!

Jenny said...

It was so good to meet you Val, we'll have to do it again :0)
So pleased we found the Memory box'll love it, looks like a fun crafty haul :0)
Jenny x

G Peplow said...

Hi Valerie, Didn't we have a great time!! I was so pleased to meet you!! I didn't get to see what you had in your stash bag! Looks like a really interesting lot, look at all the rubber, we are going to see some brilliant crafting coming up soon, hugs Gay xxx

Canonbury creations said...

I'm so glad you pointed it out Jenny there was such a crowd at the stand that I didn't recognise it as it was hanging sideways on! I loved chatting at lunch it was so nice to meet everyone in person.We must do it again:)


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