Wednesday 9 November 2011

Lest we forget!

Just a quick posting today for 2 reasons, it's exactly a year today since I started my blog and I have had a great time making many friends along the way and learning so much from you all. I would like to thank the crafters who follow me and leave such lovely comments they are much appreciated:)
The second reason relates to Remembrance Day. I was looking through a box and came across a lot of old postcards dating from the turn of the 20th century and all family related. One of them was an embroidered Xmas card that was sent from France to my grandmother from her brother. It's beautiful and I may try and use the photo to make a digital scrapbook.The flap lifts up to allow a little message to be put inside.

Hope you like it and many thanks for supporting my blog during the last year. I hope you will continue and allow me to visit you:)

This was the back of the postcard.
Just came across a few more! The small cards were the inserts.



Congratulations on your First Blogaversary Valerie - it's always a pleasure to visit your blog and see your gorgeous work.
How wonderful that you have kept those old family postcards - embroidery was used quite a lot on greeting cards in those days and this one is so beautiful. Love the handwritten sentiment too - thank you so much for sharing.
Wishing you many more happy blogging years - hugs, Sylvia xxx

Aquarius said...

Happy Blogiversary and keep on blogging!! I have some of these embroidered cards around somewhere so must fish them out - thanks for sharing. Pouring with rain here at the moment!!

Meggymay said...

Happy blogaversary.
Love your embroidered cards. I have some sent to my grandmother in WW1
Yvonne x

Sasha said...

Hi Val,
Happy 1st anniversary!! I love to visit your blog and see your fabulous work. Wishing you many more happy blogging years!!:)

How nostalgic are those wonderful cards and envelopes? I remember seeing some tied with ribbon in a drawer at my grandmothers when I was very young. Sadly, when she passed, they were no where to be found. I would have treasured them forever. And although they didn't show their emotions outwardly as much in those days, they wrote the most romantic, caring and emotional words in their letters and postcards...especially during the 1st world war. The poor things had no other way of communicating, and it must have taken weeks, or even months for letters to be exchanged.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories with us, Val xx

Susan said...

Happy blog-anniversary! The time really does fly by, doesn't it! I LOVE your vintage precious and what a treasure they are! I love looking at all the gorgeous handwriting from long ago too. Beautiful cards....I wonder if my mother has any like this tucked away....Thanks for sharing!

Shirley said...

Happy anniversary!! and thank you for sharing the beautiful cards from your relative! How fun and interesting to see what others in the world do with their cards and the types of cards too!

Christine said...

Happy bloganniversary Valerie! Beautiful vintagecards and so nice that you keep all these things together. These are sweet memory's.

Viv said...

These little cards sent shivers down my spine - not least because I saw the back of one that mentioned 'little Nora' which was my Mum's name......(sadly no longer with me).
Being an avid ancestry fan, I covet cards like these and they are so precious and poignant. Thank you for sharing. x

Stamps and Paper said...

Happy Blog anniversary...gosh where has that year gone.... vintage cards so just gorgeous and a lovely thing to collect.


Viv said...

Happy blogaversary Val, so lovely to see all the beautiful postcards too, what great memories :O)


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