Monday 21 March 2011


Wow I've just had my 1000th visitor, how exciting is that! Well maybe not for anyone else but it amazes me the far flung places that people visit from and leave lovely comments :))


Karen said...

Well done Val - it never ceases to amaze me either when you see where some of the visitors come from. Love your WiddlyTinks family........ but we can't tell the girls from the boys!!! lol

Fiona said...

Sorry I'm not far flung, only Sussex! Yes Val I did realise you'd sent me an award, thank you. Just had a LOT on my plate last week and forgot to mention /post it, so please forgive me.

Viv said...

Yes I am always amazed too by visitors from far flung places. Well done on reaching 1000 too. Thought I was a followwer???....I am now. Thanks for comments as always, most appreciated :O) Viv xx

Unknown said...

Valerie, both cards are really lovely but the second wins my heart. I am a flourish girl what can I say *grins*


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