Monday 14 March 2011

An award from Jacki

I was thrilled to learn that Jacki has chosen me to receive Gill's new creative blog award. Obviously there are conditions attached and these are they:

1. Post the award and link it back to my blog                        
2. Post 5 of your greatest achievements
3.Pay it forward to 3 other well deserving bloggers 

So please visit Jacki's very creative blog here---here

Now for the difficult bit, 5 of my greatest achievements! I think random facts were easier!

1. I'm still married to the same man 40 years on!
2. I have 2 wonderful sons that I am very proud of.
3. At 26 I bought my Hairdressing salon.
4. At 42 I changed direction and became a college lecturer.
5. Getting amazing feedback from other crafters on my blog and making friends on the way!

Now for the best bit introducing you to some very creative ladies I've come across recently, mainly through the Less is More challenges :))

1. Viv------
2. Sue------
3. Squirrel--


Squirrel x said...

Oh m'gosh hunny! Oh sweetie, I am almost lost for words (a rare happening) - thank you so much! I am, quite genuinely, touched. I'll pop over tomorrow when I'm on the pc rather than this cantankerous laptop and collect. Thank you again. Huge hugs, Sxx

Mandi said...

Well done on the award Valerie
We left Broxbourne in 2000 to come to the IOW. I went to school in Enfield town
Enfield Chace [girls school as it was then]
Sucha small world eh! We still have family there in Enfield and surrounding areas
mandi x

Viv said...

Thanks for the lovely award Valerie!I am so busy with 'stuff' atm so I may take a while to sort it, but thankyou so much.Wow .....I also have been married 40yrs and also bought my own hairdressing salon when I was 28 :O) Viv xx

Karen said...

Well done on the blog award Val.

Gill McCall said...

well done you - its going to be good to see how far my blog award travels and if it ever returns to me - lol !! when you get a chance go check out what i have for you on my blog. :-)


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